Hover Reef Perfect Tote

The Perfect Tote is here!

This bag features a 3 sided nylon zippered top that keeps all of the bags contents completely sealed up in transit and on the plane. Zip it open and tuck the flap to use it as your everyday open tote bag for groceries, quick trips, and more!

Utilize the quick access pocket to store your phone, keys, and wallet! No more need to dig through your entire tote to find the essentials!

Hop in your combination self driving car/rocketship and head to the beach! Ride the gravity waves and have a rad time! Welcome to Hover Reef!

100% cotton duck exterior with screen printed design
100% nylon water resistant coated lining to keep you high and dry

21" shoulder strap

12" tall x 15" wide x 6.5" deep

Machine Washable
Made in the USA