Pinwheel Slippers
$20 $38

Slip your feet into these plush, cloud-like slippers and give those barkin' dogs a rest! These fabric slide-style slippers come with extra cozy padding along the top and a nylon outer sole for some extra protection between your toes and the floor. Throw these on with your stripe tee, long sleeve, or dress to create the comfy stay-at-home set of your dreams. 

So what are you waiting for? Warm-up those little piggies!

S/M fits approx. Women's shoe size 6-9
L/XL fits approx. Men's shoe size 9-11

100% Cotton Interior and Upper, 100% Coated Nylon Sole
Machine Wash Cold, Air Dry
Please note, due to the repeating nature of the stripes each pair will vary slightly.

Anina wears size S/M

Made in Los Angeles, California

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Slipper Size Chart

  1 Length 2 Width