Valentine Bundle 7


Looking for a gift for the special someone in your life? We got you!

To show our love we picked out ALL of the pink and red products we could find to combine them into fun loving price reduced bundles in different tiers!

Each bundle comes with our limited edition illustrated heart bandana, a full set of 3 of our Valentine's Day cards with 3 mini stamped envelopes, a Mokuyobi Loves You pencil, and our February limited edition Love Puff Patch. Just choose your size in the drop down menu!

Bundle 7: Women's Pink Denim Velcro Jacket, Light Pink Loop Backpack, limited edition illustrated heart bandana, Mokuyobi Loves You pencil, set of 3 Valentine's Day Cards + stamped mini envelopes, and our February exclusive Love Puff iron on patch. $234 VALUE 31% OFF