We at Mokuyobi are proud of our production practices and the way we run our business. Our four guiding ideals that make us the brand we are thrilled to be are: Quality Made Fun, Ethical Production, Environmentally Made, and Amazing Customer Service. We invite you to dive in below and read more illustrating what we're about. We're so thankful for your business & support!

Mokuyobi was created with the purpose of producing awesomely fun, high quality products that are designed with functionality in mind. We strive to offer unique items that get you excited!

Creative Director Julie Pinzur founded Mokuyobi in 2006 with the goal that Mokuyobi will always bring positivity to the forefront and create a lighthearted atmosphere for imagination to thrive. We are proud to offer a large range of bags, apparel styles, and accessories to make your day-to-day a fun-filled adventure.

Practicing ethical production is an essential part of what Mokuyobi stands for. We find infinite value in supporting our local community and skilled workers with whom we have built strong relationships over the years. These factories and workers have California histories and are proud to still be working here after so many brands have moved their production overseas in pursuit of greater profits and fewer regulations. We vow to support local businesses to keep the Made in the USA apparel industry alive.

We are an equal opportunity employer and we pay all of our employees a fair living wage.

All of our products are made in Los Angeles, California, within a 40-mile radius of our HQ. We visit our factories in person on a daily basis to troubleshoot problems, ensure quality, and track progress on all of our projects. When we set out to create something, we want to make it right. At Mokuyobi, we want our transparency to give you, our customer, confidence about the products you are buying and the brand, ethics, and ethos that you are supporting.

It is important to us to be mindful about the materials we use and how they affect the world around us. We take care to reduce, reuse, and recycle in any way that we can. Mokuyobi reduces our global footprint by working only with local contractors and factories for all of our production. This eliminates any need for overseas shipping and cuts down on pollution.

Our apparel is made of 100% cotton or cotton with added spandex, for comfort. Cotton is a natural, biodegradable fiber which is better for the environment than polyester and other synthetic plastic-based fibers. Our merchandise contains zero animal products.

Whenever feasible we use recycled materials and reuse the packaging that protects our products. Any leftover fabric scraps that we get from our cutter we make into new small goods to cut down on waste. All of the nylon scraps that we collect after each production are used to make future bag samples.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our bags where we repair any Mokuyobi bag for free to keep our products in use as long as possible and out of landfills. Everything we create is made to last.

Our team is dedicated to helping you with anything you may need. Excellent customer service that checks all of your boxes is our goal. We are committed to sending out your order on time to arrive to you as quickly as possible. Working diligently, we answer any questions you may have about our products. Mokuyobi takes care to ensure that your order is packed mindfully and neatly to guarantee your items will arrive fresh upon their delivery to you. If you have any issues with your order, please reach out to us at orders@Mokuyobi.com and we will work with you to make things right.

Thank you for your business & support!